Through our dynamic and highly experienced staff, we are able to offer a wide range of professional and innovative services.
Our integrated approach enables us to establish real partnerships with our clients, resulting in an added value for all parties involved.
Pharmaco also strives for integration within our partner’s strategy.
While we protect your identity in the marketplace, our synergistic partnerships with you allows for a different, yet complementary approach, generating a more positive end result.

Sales Promotion:
All pharmaceutical promotions (Rx + OTC) by our own on the ground, qualified and experienced personnel, on an exclusivity/semi-exclusivity basis.
Effective use of self generated and syndicated local sale data/information.

Set up of products strategies and tactics, as well as full production of promotional material and other marketing tools.
Management of specific marketing research according to partner’s needs and objectives.

Medical Marketing / Clinical trials:
Management of any promotional activity requiring a direct medical approach.
Set up and follow up of local medical clinical trials.

Regulatory Affairs:
Implementation of all regulatory activities related to the submission and the follow up of registration files.
Post marketing surveillance and Pharmaco vigilance activities.

Pharmaceuticals Warehousing & Distribution:
Use of very effective and modern structures, for optimal local distribution throughout Africa.
Effective use of self generated local distribution data/information.

Local Manufacturing:
Use of local accredited facilities for most cost-effective and competitive production of any type of pharmaceutical.

Access to the South African Pharmaceutical Market:
Through our Global set up and legal applicant status, Pharmaco is able to offer easy access to South Africa, the biggest and most challenging emergng market in the African continent:

  • Network
  • Registration of products (Applicant)
  • Sales Promotion
  • Marketing Activities
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Project Management

Distribution: operating with the most sophisticated system in the Southern Hemisphere (DSV), we offer you potential direct access to more than 5,000 customers, up to 4,500 deliveries daily, a permanent, effective product control and a unique and truly competitive edge.

Management of Specific Healthcare Products:
Through Pharmaco’s versatility, local presence and contacts.
This also encompasses the possible acquisition by Pharmaco of your strategically divested pharmaceutical products.