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The concentration by the pharmaceutical industry on its core business requires ongoing review of the company’s value chain. In this context, Pharmaco offers an opportunity to outsource some of your value chain activities, allowing you cost and profit optimisation, by:

  • Increasing sales and market share
  • Quicker market penetration
  • Costs linked to sales levels, thus to the actual performance
  • Improvement of systems and structures, thus reduction of your operational costs
  • Decrease of your promotional and administrative costs
  • Absence of financial, fiscal and social risks
  • Reduction of your fixed investments, therefore a reduction in associated risks and costs
  • Concentration of your time on core business activities
  • “One stop-shop”: transparency – reliability- effectiveness
  • Flexibility and quickness of the decision-making, thus immediate capitalisation on opportunities
  • Immediate access to new important emerging markets ( i.e. South Africa)