Pharmaco’s core purpose is to effectively support international pharmaceutical manufacturers in the registration, the distribution and the marketing and sales of products in Africa. Pharmaco has developed the infrastructure, ability, expertise and experience to provide these companies  with a Gateway into Africa.


NeuroAiD for “brain remodelling after a stroke“ NeuroAiD® is an oral stroke treatment which helps patients recover better and faster from stroke.Clinically safe and efficient, NeuroAiD® stroke treatment has been proved to increase the production of new neurons in the brain and the connections among these neurons (neuroplasticity) as well as to build stronger neurons (neuroprotection).  Hence, NeuroAiD® creates a favourable environment for recovery i.e. improvement in motor function, vision, speech and cognitive function.


Novalac® is an infant formula range that not only provides a feed containing 100% safe ingredients and the appropriate nutrients for healthy growth and development, but also a treatment to manage common discomforts such as regurgitation, diarrhoea, constipation, colic and bloating too. Novalac® provides a sufficient, cost effective, dietary solution to common digestive discomforts as an alternative to costly medical treatments.


The specially formulated solution in Clearnail® assists with the clearing of fungal nail infections by means of a dual action. The unique patented carrier system is used to penetrate the pure essential, plant oils (with antifungal properties) into the infected nail bed.  The Clearnail® pen applicator allows for easy application to the surface of the infected nail and can last up to 300 applications.