Our Purpose

Access to Africa

Our core purpose is to effectively support international pharmaceutical manufacturers in the registration, the distribution and the marketing & sales of products in Africa.  Pharmaco has developed the infrastructure, ability, expertise and experience to provide these companies with a Gateway into Africa.




Contour® is an easy-to-use blood glucose meter system that delivers proven accuracy, providing people with diabetes better information to help make better decisions. Testing you can trust with highly accurate results to help you make better decisions regarding the management of your diabetes.


Medtrition is a new comprehensive range of innovative and uniquely developed modular products that is redefining clinical nutrition in South Africa. The range is designed for the dietary management of protein deficiencies, wound healing, renal disorders, oncology patients and those suffering from diarrhoea.

Our Vision

Leadership and Excellence

We are determined to establish and maintain our leadership in the provision of integrated pharmaceutical services in Africa, through our products, our people and the excellence of our services to all our healthcare partners.
Our range

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